The principle:
Sketches of music to sketches of film.
Ready made music to ready edited film.


The ideal process



What is the film about? Do you have references or temp tracks? What size do you want the music to be? What’s your budget for the music? These are some of the guidelines I need to start working on the project.


The filter phase

I make sketches and collect ideas, and discuss these with you. We openly talk about what works and what you want done differently.


The finished edit

When the edit is done and the story of the film told, the final music can be determined. I concretize the sketches and ideas we’ve discussed.


Meeting with director, sound designer and editor

We go through the film and decide how and where the music will be placed.


Active phase

The music becomes reality. If needed, I hire musicians. Some instruments can remain sampled and some I play myself. Depending on your needs and budget, the soundscape may simply be electronic.


Fine-tuning and ongoing dialogue with the director

Finally, we check if what we have works or if something should be changed. I make the necessary adjustments and finish the music before the final deadline.