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Piano quintet, 2009. Recorded in Oslo and played by freelancers and musicians from the Norwegian Opera.

An electronic-acoustic experiment. The string trio consists of talented students, the piece was recorded at the Norwegian Music Academy.

Orchestra showcase
Small compositions for an orchestral showcase. Recorded at the Sibelius Academy, mixed by Olli Keskinen.

A new song.

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Check out my electronical music project LAB 45.

A selection of my compositions

  • “The Light Outside”, string quartet, 2014. (sample)
  • “Wind Quintet op. 3”, 2014. (sample)
  • “Jadekanin”, string quartet in 12-tone technique, 2013.
  • “Ekk”, piece for solo cello, 2012. (sample)
  • “The Letter”, silent movie music for orchestra, 2012.
  • “Movement”, string quintet, 2009.

For scores or more audio samples, please contact me.

Film & media

My showreel with selected samples from the last four years:

“Perversely Dark”, documentary, 2014

“Our Daily Bread”, documentary, 2014

“Sørlandsrefseren”, documentary, 2013

“Hål Där Vi Går”, short film, 2013

“H2T”, ad, 2012

“Oslo Habebati”, documentary, 2011

This tiny film was a school rehearsal, made as an alternative vignette for the Swedish children’s program Bolibompa. I used my son’s toy instruments and I got to borrow his voice too.